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Here is where you can leave your thoughts or comments for all to read. This is a family friendly site, so all I ask is that you keep it clean. We hope you enjoy all our up and coming videos, on techniques, workouts, and lessons. We are pleased to feature our instructors – Masters Dave Weeks and Ron Scanlon, plus a variety of visiting Masters. Check out our new location in Rancho Cucamonga, CA.

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Hello, I am Sylvia Weeks. I am married to Dave Weeks (aka Master Dave Weeks - Kung Fu San Soo). I am the administrator for this blog site. Feel free to comment, just keep it clean gentlemen, this is a family friendly site. We also have a forum on this website, please check it out. http://weeksmartialarts.us/sm/index.php

9 thoughts on “Welcome To KFSS – Dynamic Street Defense Blog

  1. Hi my name is Sifu Mitch Gooch Ive been training in shaolin Kung fu for last six years and Im a wheelchair user. I live in the UK,I been training in martial arts most of my childhood until I became sick when I was 16, I went back too judo but was unable too complete at the same level as my illness got worse as I got older, then 7 yrs ago I moved too hull and met my teacher Si Sok Mike Mitchell who taught me from my wheelchair Shaolin Kung FU ‘small forest temple way of boxing. Last year I acheived my black sash and now I wish too go further in my study unfortunately where I live now does not have any Kungfu schools, So Im setting up my own club.

    I would be honoured if you could give advice on how I would be able too continue too progress my kungfu now I am without a teacher. Please email me at the above address if you are willling too help

  2. Hello,
    I am a student of Master Lasiter as well as Dave and others. I would love to conect with Dave. Where are you located? I can be reached at km.marekpt@gmail.com or 305-562-7093. I am located in Pomona.

    Thanks and have great day!


  3. Hello Sensei’s,
    Hazmat.a here(Richard), i would like to ask a few questions involving martial arts.
    One: if i were to go against an original art, who would have the advantage, mixed or original?
    Two: can arts be mixed with swordsmanship or is it just used for defence?
    Three: i live in Canada, Saskatoon Saskatchewan, and there isn’t any masters who can have an Apprentice, i’ve asked because of school, my Work ed teacher is giving us a chance to go into apprenticeship with some companies. and i would love to work with someone skilled(very) in martial arts, do you know of any?
    Four: is Seventeen years to old to learn breathing techniques?

  4. I was involved in KKSS for about 15 years with Bill Lasiter as my teacher. During that time, I had the honor and privilege to work with both Master Ron and Master David. Both of them are incredible men, whether in- or out- of the studio. Both are fantastic practitioners and teachers. Both exude power, speed and confidence, yet at the same time, both men are humble and helpful. To all of their students…. you couldn’t have picked better teachers! You are definitely in good hands. Listen to these guys! They know what they are doing.

    Dave and Ron: Best of luck with the studio. I hope to stop by and see you both soon.

  5. Hello Sylvia,

    Is there an email address to where I could write Ron Scanlon? I knew him about 30 years ago and wanted to send him a note.



  6. Thank you Yoli! Yes, there will be more videos of Master Scanlon online here on this website, You Tube, and his website. Which is http://www.scanlonskungfu.com Master Scanlon’s website will pretty much mirror this one. But, he will be addressing the needs of special needs students in particular on that site. At the moment we are still under construction on his site, since we have just brought it up. But, he will be posting on this site on the blog, and the forum. It’s easy to register on both the blog and forum, so please do so. We hope to hear more from you and your students.

    PS I will be posting new videos as soon as today, no later than tomorrow. So please check back.
    Thanks again!
    Sylvia Weeks

  7. Master Dave Weeks and Ron Scanlon are Incredible! I have students with special needs,I show just few or well, just one post from Master Scanlon ( is the only one I have in You Tube ) to inspire them, they beleive San Soo is possible.
    Your son master weeks is great! too, of course he has a great teacher. My son got his brown belt from me, and all those that help, because we are far away from the San Soo capital of California. He got it before he left to his mission, we are LDS.
    God Bless You for inspiring discipline and character.
    YOLI :)

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