Elbow break to leaverage Lesson 2014

Posted on : October 10, 2014
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Posted by : Sylvia Weeks
Tags : kung fu, san soo, martial art, self defense, street fighting defense, self protection, personal protection
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Master Dave Weeks and Black Belt Peter Weeks are demonstrating a training lesson that would be given to the students of Weeks Martial Arts. We are located in Montclair California.

Do Not Attempt this lesson without the proper amount of martial arts training. Doing so, is at your own risk.

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Hello, I am Sylvia Weeks. I am married to Dave Weeks (aka Master Dave Weeks - Kung Fu San Soo). I am the administrator for this blog site. Feel free to comment, just keep it clean gentlemen, this is a family friendly site. We also have a forum on this website, please check it out. http://weeksmartialarts.us/sm/index.php

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